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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Sardar TigerSardar Dhakaan Singh is big hunter. Once he went to azoo. At that time a big tiger escaped from its cage.The zoo officials sent everyone out of the zoo andclosed the main gate. Now the tiger is inside the zoobut wandering freely.Zoo people requested sardar to goinside and trap the tiger in a cage.Scared but toavoid insult he went into the zoo in his jeep carryinga big gun. While driving on one of the zoo's roads, henoticed that the tiger is chasing him. Feeling scaredhe drove the jeep fast but only to observe that thetiger is very near to the jeep. At that time the roadseparated intotwo paths ahead, one to the left and other to theright. Then cleverly dhakaal put the left indicator onand turned the jeep to the road on right. The tigerruns into the left path. With a sigh of relief, hedrove forward. After some time the roads meet and thesame situation arises again. once more the roaddivides into two and this time our sardar is smartenough to put the right indicator on and turned toleft. This time the tiger goes into the road on rightside. After some time the roads meet again to oursardar's misfortune and the tiger starts to chase himagain. This time the road never divides and our sardarthought the tiger would catch him. Then a brilliantidea struck his mind. He slows down his jeep taking itto the left corner of the road. Thenhe held his hand outside and a gives signal which isgiven for vehicles which want to overtake. The tigerthis time overtakes his jeep and runs forward.Result :- There are Sardar Communities in Tigers too.

The joy of blogging

I wake up at 5:30 AM every morning, take bath by 6:30 AM, have breakfast by 7:30 AM and take off for work at around 7:45 AM. This is a routine that has been happening regularly for a year now, and there is nothing really exciting about it when I say that. But what makes my day special is the work that I do and the fun that I have in between. This is where I often find some interesting things to put on my blog. A conversation with a colleague during a coffee break, a discussion about a vacation, or a serious discussion at work. Any of these often tend to bring out something interesting. But what really matters to me is the happiness that I get out of the whole blogging deal. It is the motivating factor behind blogging. All my life, 25 years, I never had the habit of writing a diary. But thankfully, some people around me have influenced me so much , that I started doing the self-promoting stuff.
The other important point here is, my blog is a reflection of me and my thoughts. People like you, who read my stuff, know me better, my inner self, my emotions, my likes and dislikes. It is a more positive way of self-proclamation. I could always put some things up here, that I could not personally say. Some things I could feel, but not express. Winnig is fundamental in sports, staying happy is fundamental in life.

Do it!!!

You need to do what you are supposed to do, to make things do, whatever they are supposed to do, and not do what they are not supposed to do

Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Chaitanya

Just to let you know that you are 24 years old now, just 1 away from the quarter century mark. Just kiddin..have a great day

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