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Monday, September 19, 2005

Trip to Calgary

Lemoney Snickets.....A series of fortunate all I can say about my upcoming trip to Calgary. I am planning to go to India in November, for my brother's wedding and so I have to get my H-1B visa stamped in my passport, to ensure a safe reentry into the United States. I had planned to go to Nogales, Mexico to get it stamped. But it turned out that the consulate takes freaking 28 business days to process my H-1B. My appointment was scheduled for Oct17th and my ticket to India is already booked for Nov 10th. So, with no choice left I had to look out for another consulate to go. At this time all the consulates are going busy and the only place where I could find an appointment, was in Calgary, Canada. Calgary is located in western canada, right above Washington State, US. Bamm...I had never planned a trip to Canada anytime soon, but now I have to. I got my appointment for Oct28th, Friday which is just about perfect. I am flying down there on Thursday night, Oct 27th. LEt's see how it goes.

Will it be...A series of fortunate events? or a series of unfortunate events? God only knows


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