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Monday, September 26, 2005

Where is Indian cricket going

Cricket has changed my life in many ways. I like the game, but it no longer enthuses me, could be that my interests have changed, or could be that I no longer watching the game regularly. But with the debate between Greg Chappell, the indian team coach and Saurav Ganguly, the indian team captain heating up, over the past few days, the game has started catching my eye again. There has been a lot of debate whether Sourav Ganguly deserves to be the captain of the indian team anymore. To me, Ganguly should have been sacked a long time back. People who back him up with a good winning record, good home and away performances should take a close look at the facts and answer the question. The questions to consider:

1.) How many tournaments have we won under ganguly's captaincy playing away from
home; and if we have, against whom?
2.) Have we shown consistent
performances competing against good teams under his leadership?
3) Where
does he stand, among Indian captains and captains of other teams in terms of the
last two questions?

The answer is simple, Ganguly has not done the job we expected him to do. You may argue that, the Indian team was so close to winning a series on many occassions, but often or not in most of the games, winners and losers are decided by a very small margin. For sprinters, it is a split of a second; for soccer players, it is a few inches of the goal post; for tennis players, a single point; and for cricketers, it could be a single catch, a single run or a single ball. That's all it is to any game, between losing and winning. And at the end of the day what really matters,"Winning is fundamental". I think that Ganguly has done his share to improve Indian cricket and it is now time to move on and make place for others.


  • At 9:27 PM, September 28, 2005, Blogger Smitha said…

    Hey....Hamein pathaan hain ki you know about Tennis, Soccer, Athletics and Cricket.....but you dont have to show off like this.....:-) anyways nice blog have quite a few blogs going on hah!!!! and the news about your oncoming trip to Calgary and story behind why the location was changed....good, atleast this way I will know about you...Keep up the good work dude. Anyways have Srini and Vishnu posted anything yet coz I havent been through your archives....k...tty soon

  • At 8:28 PM, October 04, 2005, Anonymous Mayank said…

    Ganguly has to go. Graciously would be better else there might be a garland made of shoes in his near future.
    I'll settle for Red Sox,Patriots, Alanso and Maria for the time being ;)


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