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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

IQBAL review

Last Wednesday I had to drop off my roomie at the airport, and on the way back home, I happened to stop by FunAsia Theatres, Richardson, TX to watch Nagesh Kukunoor's IQBAL. I have been a great fan of Nagesh's movies right from the Hyderabad Blues 1 days. The best part of his movies are, he has maintained a common set of actors for most of his movies, which makes us feel in the right place, and more importantly these people are a reflection of the next door
neighbor . Any movie is a hit as long as people can associate themselves with it, and IQBAL is a reflection of most of us in this society.

The movie narrates the story of Iqbal, a deaf and dumb boy who wants to make it big in the game of cricket. That's all I would like to say about the story, as I do not want to add any spoilers. Afterall we like surprises, and disclosing the plot takes away the surprise element.
All the actors have come out with excellent performances in their roles, and especially so Shreyas Tapade, who plays IQBAL. For someone who is not naturally dumb and deaf, it would be difficult to portray the emotions of such a character, and Shreyas excells at it. Naseeruddin Shah is great, as always.

This is a very good movie and worth the money, something I would recommend to everyone.


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