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Monday, May 16, 2005

Palm Springs, CA => Mckinney, TX

Well, well, well, seems like I never am stuck in one place. Can you believe it if I say that in the last 8 months I had to shift my home 7 times, and for now I do up and down to huntington beach every weekend. I am a bit tired of doing this moving now. But guess what, 6 months from now I would have to do it again. The CEO of my company came out with his plans to move the company's base to McKinney, TX in this afternoon's meeting. It was a bit of a surprise for most of the staff, but to me it sounded just like another trip from Michigan to California.It is about 1400 miles from Palm Springs to McKinney. And guess what I have already made up my mind to go there. I being a roadster, love to travel( ofcourse, not with all my stuff in the car). Mckinney is a nice place to live. Low cost of living, good school districts, decent style of living is what makes this place a good destination. It is the fastest developing place, in the United States in 2004, among the cities that have similar population size. I am really excited to move to this place. I wanted to see California, which I did and now my next wish, to see Texas, has been granted.

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