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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vegas, to go or not to go

This happened over the 2005 labor day weekend on my way to Detroi. I had a stop over in Phoenix, and I had to catch a flight to Vegas for a connecting flight to Detroit. Since it was a long weekend, flights to Vegas were going full and people were finding it hard to find even a single seat. To accomodate some passengers who were flying down to NewYork the airline tried to woo some customers with travel deals. The first announcement was a 300$ travel voucher valid for one year, which was increased to 400 because of lack of response from customers. Then, a witty supervisor took over and made an announcement, "Hot hot news from Vegas, people are losing money in Vegas, this is you last chance to save money". A couple of people came forward. They made another announcement to woo customers, "Some more hot hot news, Vegas is running short on wine and women so no point in going to Vegas, think about it". That got the whole terminal laughing their arse off.

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